A YouTube post by New York Giants punter Steve Weatherford is garnering some headlines, even after its removal from the popular website.

The video, which featured second-year cornerback Prince Amukamara being carried by defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul and tossed into an ice bath, seemed like normal locker room fun on the surface, but during a media conference call Sunday coach Tom Coughlin said he would look into the issue.

“I'm learning about that today,” Coughlin said. “I really didn't have any information about that until maybe an hour before this conference call.”

Coughlin went on to say that he would “address that strongly,” adding that nothing “that occurs within this family or within this group should be a part of the social media aspect.”

The “inappropriate” aspects Coughlin referred to probably have to do with the language that the players on the video were using, but the bigger issue probably has to do with the fact that the video was posted on YouTube. It was later taken down because the website has a policy about publishing hazing or anything of that sort.

Weatherford was back on Twitter on Sunday evening to apologize for publishing the video: “I want to apologize to the fans... The video I posted was distasteful. Our team is a family, and we love each other. I am sorry to the fans.”

The Giants are an intensely private organization, and Coughlin has been consistent about urging his players to be careful with social media.

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