The Patriots found a lot of success in 2014 when they drafted a Florida State lineman and plugged him into the starting lineup. Bryan Stork ended up being a rookie center on a Super Bowl-winning team.

Bill Belichick and Co. went back to the well in 2015, plucking Seminoles guard Tre' Jackson when he fell into the fourth round. 

Jackson's offensive line coach Rick Trickett was pretty fired up about the whole thing.

Trickett's operating on a fairly small sample size here. A quick review of Patriots draft history shows Stork was the first offensive lineman taken by New England out of Florida State. Stork was also just the sixth player ever taken by the Pats out of FSU. 

But, hey, the last one worked and Jackson could fit with the Pats. At the very least, he looks like good value where they landed him. Just ask Trickett.

"I swear to God, the longer they [fall in the draft], I see a couple guys get drafted in front of this guy who couldn't carry his jock," Trickett told the Boston Herald

Jackson could end up starting in 2015 for New England, with left and right guard open for competition next year. Shaq Mason -- who has the most basketball name ever -- is another offensive lineman taken by New England out of the ACC who could end up starting.

Former Florida State lineman Tre' Jackson fits in New England. (Getty Images)

The thing the Pats might love most about Jackson?

"He'll do whatever he's got to do to help them win, and that's the main thing," Trickett said. "That's why New England wins. Guys do what the team needs. That's what I try to raise them on. Don't worry about the vertical jump, the broad jump, all that stuff.

"It's more about finding a damn football player. Tre' is a football player."