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Former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant has known to be an avid sports bettor since his playing days wrapped up. On Saturday, Bryant hit on one of the biggest bets of his life.

In a post on X, Bryant showed off that he won $416,970.35 on a massive 13-leg college basketball parlay on Saturday. The former NFL wideout placed $767 at +54215 odds to win the emphatic wager.

Nevada defeated UNLV 69-66 on Saturday evening to cap off the huge parlay, and bring Bryant the win of a lifetime. He even posted a video receiving his winnings at the window at the casino.

If that weren't impressive enough, Bryant could've won a boatload more on another college basketball parlay. He threw down $900 on another massive parlay that would've paid out over $1 million, but Washington lost to California to ruin his chances of another large payout.

Even with that tough loss, taking home nearly half a million is a pretty good day for any bettor.

Bryant has been very active when it comes to sports betting in recent years. Last weekend, Bryant posted a video of himself at a casino placing a live bet on the Kansas City Chiefs to win Super Bowl LVIII when they were trailing the San Francisco 49ers. He also won a few $10,000 bets on the Dallas Cowboys during the regular season.

It's unclear how frequently of a bettor Bryant is, but he clearly has a knack for winning some big wagers.