Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler isn't losing sleep over his offensive line's problems in the first preseason game -- although he is losing sleep.

"I’ve got a couple reasons to lose sleep: got a baby, I’ve got all kinds of stuff going on," said Cutler, who missed the first preseason game Thursday due to the birth of his son. "But they’re going to be fine, I think so. Protection-wise we’re going to do what we have to to protect myself or whoever’s in there. If we have to keep eight in there (to block), if we have to keep nine in there, that’s what we’re going to do. We’re not going to put those guys in positions where they’re going to fail, or I’m going to get hit."

Cutler said he wanted to play in the 31-3 loss to Denver, but against Washington Saturday will play the amount "I usually play in the second game, and then we’ll play probably quite a bit in the third game."

Give and take: Cornerback Tim Jennings made the hit of training camp in Monday's night practice when he wasn't supposed to do it -- and earned a shove in return.

Jennings blasted wide receiver Dane Sanzenbacher during full-squad scrimmage when players weren't in full-contact mode. When they got up, Jennings appeared conciliatory and started to step forward, but Sanzenbacher would have none of it and shoved him. Then they went on to the next play.

"It was one of those situations," Jenning said. "The lights were on, I kind of got in the football mode, getting ready for a little bit of contact.

"I've got to be smarter in those situations, though, try to protect one of my teammates. It was just one of those type of practices. It got real emotional, it got real chippy out there."

MIA: Nickel back D.J. Moore sat out with a quad contusion suffered in the last practice, and Kelvin Hayden replaced him. "We feel like we have three starting corners with him," coach Lovie Smith said. "He can also back D.J. up. We shouldn't miss a beat."

No comment: Defensive end Julius Peppers after practice said he had no comment on a report that a University of North Carolina website posted his college transcripts, showing a subpar academic record, and that it may be a part of an academic fraud investigation. Peppers left UNC in 2001.

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