Eagles backup TE Clay Harbor remains patient, waiting for his number to be called more when circumstances warrant such. (US Presswire)

After playing more each game and getting more involved with the offense, Eagles tight end Clay Harbor was suddenly on the outside looking in. Harbor was on the field for just 11 snaps and he didn’t catch a single pass in the 27-6 loss to the Arizona Cardinals.

On Thursday, offensive coordinator Marty Mornhingweg said that was mostly due to circumstances – the Eagles trailed the entire game and had to pass more than anticipated and that meant there was room for only one tight end at a time, starter Brent Celek.

“It got out of whack pretty early,’’ Mornhinweg said.

Harbor had a good training camp and preseason and because of that the Eagles went into the season with more two-tight end packages than they’ve used in the past. But that all went out the window on Sunday.

“Every game is different and that means the amount of playing time I get is going to be different,’’ Harbor said. “I understand that and I accept that.’’

But that doesn’t mean he likes that.

“Everybody wants to be on the field, everybody wants to makes plays and help his team win, and I’m no different,’’ he said. “And, sure, it gets a little frustrating at times, but that’s just the competitor in me – I want to be out there.

“But you also have to be realistic and you have to be patient,’’ he added. “Who knows – I might be a lot more involved with things this week. You just never know and that’s part of the excitement and anticipation leading up to a game – you just never know.”

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