Eagles QB Michael Vick blasted some of his teammates on Monday for the firing of head coach Andy Reid. (US Presswire)

Andy Reid gave quarterback Michael Vick a second chance to play in the NFL with the Philadelphia Eagles, and the two became much closer than a normal coach-player relationship.

Vick was naturally upset that Reid was fired as the Eagles' head coach on Monday, but he wasn’t mad at owner Jeffrey Lurie as much as he was at some of his teammates for making Lurie’s decision inevitable.

Vick wasn’t the only Eagles player who criticized unnamed teammates for a lack of effort this season or, as running back LeSean McCoy put it, “a lack of heart.”

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QB Nick Foles said he couldn’t even talk about Reid’s dismissal because the players were responsible. And Foles said listening to Reid address the team for the last time "just gave you a sick feeling."

Vick was more than sick about it -- he was also mad that selfish, unmotivated players cost Reid his job.

“I give 110 percent effort,’’ Vick said. “My body is scarred up all year. I’m hurt, I’m bruised and I get up after every hit and still try to fight and push. I do that for my coaches, I do that for my teammates and I would expect the same thing in return.

"It’s all about focus, dedication and commitment. Until you get guys who are willing to better themselves week in and week out and want to win, you ain’t going to win. And I haven’t played with guys like that. I gave [Reid] 100 percent and at least I can feel good about that. And there are guys in here who gave it their all. But you need consistent effort from every guy in this locker room.”

Andy Reid didn’t get that consistent effort, at least not from all of his players. Now those players will have to change -- or the new coach will change the players.

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