This is not an easy exercise with the Eagles because it’s hard to find any highlights and it’s hard to choose just three lowlights. And the Eagles began the year with such high expectations, which makes their dismal season even worse. A bunch of high-priced free agents were supposed to lift them up, but instead they dragged them down and that eventually cost coach Andy Reid his job.


  • Game-winning touchdown pass from rookie QB Nick Foles -- Foles hit WR Jeremy Maclin on the final play of a 23-21 victory over Tampa Bay on Dec. 9. Not only was it dramatic, it was also much-needed -- the Eagles had lost eight games in a row and this would prove to be their only victory in their final 10 games. 

  • Game-winning touchdown pass from QB Michael Vick -- Vick hit TE Clay Harbor with less than two minutes left in the season opener at Cleveland. The Eagles eked out a 17-16 victory and little did they know at the time that they would only win three more games all season.

  • Beating the New York Giants 19-17 at home in Week 4 -- It was special because it was against a divisional rival and the defending Super Bowl champions. But it also made the Eagles 3-1 and put them into first place in NFC East. That bubble burst, however, as the Eagles proceeded to lose their next eight games and, well, you know the rest.


  • Embarrassing final loss to Giants -- The Eagles truly saved their best for last when they were embarrassed by the New York Giants 42-7 in what proved to be the final game of Andy Reid’s career with the team. The lack of effort was appalling and some of the Eagles who did give it their all, like Vick and RB LeSean McCoy, ripped their lollygagging teammates the next day. At least Eagles fans know they won’t have to see it again, because most of those players will be sent packing by the new regime.

  • Terrible pass coverage -- The Eagles’ pass coverage was pathetic all season, but it was at its absolute worst on Nov. 18 at Washington. Redskins rookie QB Robert Griffin III threw 15 passes and completed 14 of them, including four for touchdowns. On all of them, busted and/or indifferent coverage left receivers wide open.

  • Embarrassing game at Arizona -- The Eagles were feeling pretty good when they rolled into Arizona to play the Cardinals in Week 3. They were 2-0 and had just beaten the tough Baltimore Ravens. But the Cards slapped them around early and took a 24-0 lead at halftime, and their final TD of the half typified the game and the Eagles season -- the Eagles trailed 17-0, but were on the Cardinals 1-yard line and poised to score a TD and go into their locker room at halftime with some momentum. Then blitzing S Kerry Rhodes blindsided Vick and S James Sanders scooped up the fumbled ball and returned it 93 yards for a Cardinals TD.

It was that kind of year.

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