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Tyreek Hill was arguably the best wide receiver in the NFL last season. Not only did he lead the league with 1,799 receiving yards, but he also finished tied for the NFL-lead in touchdown catches with 13 while also hauling in a total of 119 receptions, which was tied for the second-highest total in the NFL. 

Although Hill had a phenomenal year, that doesn't mean he's immune to being called out in front of the team by his head coach. During a recent appearance on the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast, the Dolphins star revealed one exact situation where he did get called out by Mike McDaniel last season, and it came after Hill got manhandled by Chiefs cornerback L'Jarius Sneed during Miami's 26-7 wild-card playoff loss to Kansas City. 

If you need a quick refresher, you can see a replay below of what Sneed did to Hill. 

That came on a third-and-13 play, and apparently, McDaniel was NOT impressed with how Hill handled things on the play. 

"He called me out," Hill said of his coach. "He like, 'Reek, bro, you're supposed to be the f---ing best player in the f---ing league and you got this guy putting hands all over you like that. Man, we pay you all this money for what?' And for me, I love shit like that, because I'm gonna take that shit to heart and I'm gonna get better from it."

The good news for McDaniel and the Dolphins is that Hill clearly seems to have learned from the incident. 

"That'll never happen again to me in my life, man," Hill said. "You feel me? If a m---------er not holding me accountable, I feel like I'm not gonna be able to get better."

Hill actually likes that McDaniel called him out, because he thinks that in the end, it will make everyone on the team better. 

"If he's not saying nothing, the other guys in the locker room, they're gonna look at it as, 'Oh, if Reek can do it, I can do it,' and that's not getting the team better," Hill said. "I need everyone to get better."

Although the Dolphins lost in what turned out to be the fourth-coldest game in NFL history, Hill did end up catching five passes for 62 yards and a touchdown against Kansas City, but unfortunately for him, the lasting image of him in that game was his battle with Sneed. Hill will get a chance to get some revenge on Sneed this year, and that's because the corner was traded to the Tennessee Titans, who will be playing the Dolphins in Miami this year. The exact time and date of the matchup won't be released until the 2024 NFL schedule comes out in May.