By Josh Katzowitz
Perhaps Andy Reid should have made it clear to Jackson that guaranteeing Super Bowls is usually a bad idea. (US Presswire)

You remember how much fun we had when Vince Young, after the Eagles signed a plethora of free agents last offseason, muttered the immortal words of, “Dream Team?” You remember how when the Eagles got off to a terrible start to the season that just about any Eagles article written by the national media somehow referenced Young’s unfortunate turn of phrase?

The comparison might have been commendable in a locker room setting, but when Young turned that word loose on the world, he set himself -- and his team -- up for ridicule.

Well, let’s multiple that by 10 when I tell you what DeSean Jackson -- the recipient of a new five-year, $48.5 million deal with Philadelphia --said.

Ahem …

"I'm just happy to still be here," said Jackson (via USA Today), who was previously franchise-tagged by the Eagles and seemed OK with it (particularly since his behavior at the end of the season for Philadelphia (missing meetings, basically quitting on his teammates, etc.) was so appalling). "I just feel that my destiny with the Eagles is very bright, and I’m still happy that I have five bright years to look for.

But no, that’s not why you should be shaking your head.

This is.

"In one of those years, I'm going to guarantee a Super Bowl. We've been so close since I've been here the past four years. ...The sky's the limit.”

And this …

"Hands down I think we're one of the best teams in the NFL,” Jackson said. “I want to shoot for the Hall of Fame. I want to shoot for Super Bowls. That's something I haven't done yet.”

So, that’s great, right? I mean, it’s wonderful that he has so much confidence in his team, and if expressed in the locker room, he would have been hailed as a leader of men. But seriously, you’re guaranteeing the Super Bowl in a public setting to reporters? Hell, at least Young wasn’t guaranteeing anything when he made his short-sighted remark -- a remark which he later regretted. Now, Jackson is going to guarantee a freakin' Super Bowl? Even if it's in the context of "within the next five years," isn't that a silly thing to do?

It’s either absolutely irresponsible or, assuming Jackson can see into the future, fiendishly brilliant. I can’t wait to see how this turns out.

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