JPP is proud of himself. (US Presswire)

On Friday night, Giants punter Steve Weatherford tweeted out a link to a video that featured defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul carrying cornerback Prince Amukamara over his shoulder through a hall, out a door and then dumping the defensive back into a tub of cold water.

The video contained explicit language and several racial epithets and didn't exactly promote the idea of team camaraderie. Which is probably why Tom Coughlin was so upset about it.

"I’m going to look into it. I’m going to talk to the parties involved,” Coughlin said on a conference call Sunday. "As I’m understanding it, there were some parts of it that were inappropriate. In no way is anything that occurs within this family or group, should that be a part of any kind of social media.

"So I’m going to address that thoroughly. I’ve spent a little time on that this preseason. So I’ll look into it further."

Weatherford still hasn't deleted the tweet -- or the video -- but he has since apologized for putting the video out there.

That Coughlin would be upset about this sort of thing is hardly surprising. iPhone videos of players hazing each other getting posted on Twitter just doesn't seem like his type of bag.

But there's also a lot of other interesting stuff about this video. For one, Amukamara isn't a rookie, which means JPP is just flat-out picking on a teammate, and a defensive one no less.

Secondly, Amukamara looks furious when he gets out of the cold-tub. Not that one would necessarily be "happy" after that happens, but if this were a hilarious prank among friendly teammates, wouldn't he at least be laughing angrily?

And finally, there's the reaction of the other guys involved. Many are yelling at Amukamara to stand up for himself and JPP seems like he just beat up someone he hates when he celebrates after the fact.

Chemistry can't be considered an issue with this Giants team (can you even imagine what would happen if this were the Jets???), but the way events unfolded around this video still warrants asking a lot of questions about the relationship between certain members of the team's defense.

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