Minnesota apparently is thinking about bringing back Cook after his acquittal. (US Presswire)
In October, former Vikings cornerback Chris Cook was arrested on domestic assault charges and missed the Week 7 game while he was stuck in jail.

He was booked on probable cause for domestic assault/strangulation and a third-degree domestic assault charge after he was accused of choking his girlfriend, but when he was released from jail, he triumphantly tweeted, “There's always two sides to a story!!"

On Thursday, a jury of his peers believed his side, finding him not guilty of all charges (via scout.com).

His girlfriend, Chantel Baker, later recanted her previous statements to police, and Cook’s defense said he was acting in self defense during their physical confrontation over whether Cook was spending too much time with a local stripper and whether Baker was talking with an ex-boyfriend.

More from the story:
Both felony counts left open the possibility of jail time, but probation was considered a more likely outcome, given state sentencing guidelines, if Cook had been convicted of the felonies.

Baker initially told police and medical personnel that Cook placed his hands around her neck twice. Cook said he slapped her in self-defense after she threw a lamp at him and hit him with a shoe.

Cook was suspended by the Vikings after the incident, but now that he’s been cleared of the charges, it sounds like they’re open to bringing him back.

“We respect the legal process and the decision regarding Chris Cook,” the Vikings said in a statement. “We have also thoroughly considered Chris’ situation and how he has approached this matter. We will meet with Chris in the near future and believe he deserves the opportunity to rejoin our organization.”

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