The Buffalo Bills have signed Vince Young -- the odd, talented, sometimes knucklehead, sometimes spectacular player.

Let me tell you why this is a smart move.

Young can still play and he provides solid depth for a team that needs it all across the board including the quarterback position. There's also no risk to this signing. It's a one-year deal for minimal money -- one person familiar with the contract said it was for $2.1 million. If it doesn't work, he's gone, and the Bills paid nothing. If it does, they got a steal.

It's easy to see what critics will say. He was awful in Philadelphia last year playing in six games and throwing nine interceptions. But last year many players with the Eagles weren't good.

And while Bills coach Chan Gailey also has a mixed track record he's (mostly) been fairly decent at getting a lot out of quarterbacks and offenses. Again, the record is mixed, but Gailey might have a good shot at getting some consistency out of Young. Maybe. We'll see.

Overall you have to like what the Bills have done both in free agency (signing Mario Williams) and the draft. The Bills are being smart again and that includes signing Young.