Minnesota Vikings v Denver Broncos
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Denver Broncos safety Kareem Jackson has been suspended again, this time for four games, for repeated violations of the player safety rules, the NFL announced Monday (via NFL Media). The play in question was Jackson's hit on Minnesota Vikings quarterback Josh Dobbs in the first quarter of "Sunday Night Football." This marks Jackson's second suspension this season.

The 35-year-old is appealing the suspension, according to ESPN. He also appealed his last four-game suspension, which resulted in it being cut in half.

Jackson -- who made his return Sunday from a two-game suspension for similar hits -- did seem to lower his head and lead with the crown of his helmet into Dobb's chest in the play that eventually got him suspended. The NFL reviewed the play and concluded that a four-game suspension was the appropriate response. The Broncos' next four games are against the Browns, Texans, Chargers and Lions

On the first drive of the game, Dobbs fumbled the football, and it was eventually recovered by the Denver defense. After the loss, Vikings head coach Kevin O'Connell told reporters that he believed Jackson should have been penalized for the hit that sparked the turnover.

"On the field, it felt like that," O'Connell said when asked if Jackson should've been flagged, via ESPN. "I'll have to go back and look at it. It tends to happen pretty fast out there, but in the moment, coming from the second level the way he did, it seemed like a pretty direct helmet-to-helmet type hit. But I'm sure [officials] saw it differently on the play. They're officiating a fast play right there."

Dobbs was checked out by trainers in the blue medical tent following the hit and was able to pass the evaluation to stay in the game. Postgame, the quarterback said he "felt fine" and simply stated that he needs to take better care of the football going forward. After the turnovers, the Broncos tacked on three points thanks to a 31-yard field goal from Will Lutz. 

As for Jackson, he has garnered a reputation for questionable hits. The safety has been fined four times this season and has been ejected and suspended twice. With that in mind, any sort of borderline hit is going to be questioned and thrust under the microscope.