The San Francisco 49ers and Brandon Aiyuk are reportedly not close to an agreement on a long-term deal and the wide receiver is skipping voluntary OTAs while he looks for a new contract. General manager John Lynch has made it clear he wants to keep Aiyuk around and his quarterback is saying the same.

Brock Purdy spoke to reporters on Wednesday and addressed the current situation with his top target.

"Yeah, I think it's extremely important," Purdy said (via NBC Sports) when asked about getting a deal done. "He is a playmaker. Love throwing to him. Love B.A. as a person. So yeah, it's definitely important."

Purdy continued, stating that it is out of his hands and right now he is focused on the things he can control.

"Like I've said this before, it's out of my control. But for me, I'm showing up every day trying to get better with the new guys and the guys that are here and that is what it is. But hopefully, it gets settled soon," the QB said.

The team picked up Aiyuk's fifth-year option last offseason and he is due $14.1 in all guaranteed money in 2024.

Aiyuk and Deebo Samuel were both among players rumored to be traded and while Lynch has said he wants to do everything he can to keep the roster together, specifically calling out two of their top offensive weapons, had Purdy watching closely to see if he was losing two pass catchers.

"The draft is going on and stuff and obviously you're excited to get guys that you're drafting but at the same time, it's like, 'Dang dude, we could have some kind of trade stuff happen and whatever,'" Purdy said. "But like I said, all that's out of my control."

The Niners nearly won it all last season, so it is no surprise they are hoping to keep their talent around. 

"... I do love my boys and I obviously hope that we can all continue to play together," Purdy said.