Keisel rocking the tractor look. (AP)

Let me warn you before you settle in to reading this post: there’s really nothing newsworthy to see here. Unless you count reports of Steelers defensive end Brett Keisel being awesome as totally newsworthy. Which, frankly, I do.

Either way, Keisel -- who has the nicest, gnarliest beard in the game -- made a grand appearance at Steelers training camp on Wednesday afternoon. He drove a tractor. To be more specific, he drove an orange Kubota front-loading tractor. Because he’s Brett Keisel. And he’s awesome. So, why the hell not?

"I love driving these things because it reminds me of my childhood," Keisel said, via the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. "I grew up swathing hay and plowing fields and planting fields.

"I grew up in Wyoming driving one of these bad boys working on a farm. Hard work pays off. You have to deal with adversity, all the things we have to deal coming into this camp."

How did Keisel procure such a vehicle, you ask? Keisel has a buddy in Washington, Pa., who allows Keisel to use his tractors on his property (why Keisel needs a consistent tractor hook-up is not something I understand). On Wednesday, Keisel got in the tractor and drove it 20 miles to camp in Latrobe.

"It took me maybe an hour," he said. "I got some looks. People were like, 'What is this guy doing?'”

As with most anything Keisel does, the answer is simple: being awesome.

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