The approach
Offensive coordinator Mike Tice has mandated his line be more physical than in the first preseason game, and an emphasis will be put on a running game which was non-existent in the opener. Jay Cutler will play after missing the first game, and look for him to try to re-establish his link with WR Brandon Marshall, who had only one first-game catch.

Defensively, the first-team pass rush has to improve. It should, with Julius Peppers playing for the first time. But his participation likely will be minimal -- they've given him plenty of time off in practices so they are unlikely to over-use him in a meaningless preseason game.

The players
1. Chris Williams. It may be his last real chance to take the starting left tackle spot from J'Marcus Webb. Next week in the dress rehearsal third preseason game Tice wants to have his starting five in place. So Williams needs a lasting impression regardless of what Webb does in the game.

2. Kyle Adams. The tight end continues to stand out in camp. A few catches or big plays on special teams may cement a roster spot. In scrimmage last week, Adams had one catch that a veteran, top-tier wide receiver would have trouble making on a seam route. He was good enough to make the roster last year, but a season-ending injury landed him on IR.

3. Isaiah Frey. The rookie sixth-round pick from Nevada has flashed decent coverage skill, although he needs to show he can actually come up with the ball rather than merely get to it or deflect it. He had a special teams tackle in the preseason opener and must continue to display ability in this area more than any other place since that would be his role if he makes the team.

4. Chauncey Davis. It might be too late, but he needs to give an indication he can get off a block for the sack or a big play. Davis' problem is he's been consistent and mistake-free in a defense that lets an end get upfield and gamble for occasional big plays. With four ends ahead of him, he may be trying to get together film highlights so other teams can see him. If he can get his hands on RGIII or Rex Grossman a few times, it may help keep coaches from calling him to turn in his playbook.

5. J.T. Thomas. With seven combined tackles last week, the reserve second-year linebacker made a statement. The Brian Urlacher situation makes it possible that the Bears will carry more linebackers, and he can go a long way toward locking up a spot if he can produce a turnover or big play to go with the tackles.

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