Some players sign big contracts and collect cars or houses which, frankly, is what most of us as 20-somethings would do if we suddenly found ourselves with millions of dollars. And maybe that's what Texans running back Arian Foster did, too, when he signed a five-year, $43.5 million contract extension last March.

But earlier this week, Foster also played Santa Claus for the five big guys responsible for making his job easier, buying his offensive line Segways.

"I feel like all of them big hogs up front can enjoy the joy that I get from riding my Segway," Foster said Wednesday via the Houston Chronicle. "Guys like Chris Myers and [Duane] Brown and Wade Smith, they’re always getting on me about riding my Segway. 'You can’t walk? You’re too good to walk?'

"I was like, 'No, man. I would just rather ride wheels.' I saw a little jealousy in their eyes when they were talking about me, so I figured I’d get all the linemen a gift. They were very thankful, very grateful. I can’t do anything without them. If there is no them, there is no me."

Fancy. Just one bit of advice: watch out for cliffs.

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