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One of the major questions professional scouts have about prospects when they are diving into their film and their skills is: how did he perform in the biggest game on the schedule? 

For me personally, I view three games on a prospect before deciding on a final grade. I look at a player's best game, their worst game and their best possible matchup. Sometimes that matchup may be a positional battle or against a top-tier opponent. This is how you get a well-rounded view of a player, both at their best and at their worst, as well as how they handle a significant challenge, both as an individual and from a team perspective. 

That is where these three prospects find themselves on the evaluation spectrum this weekend, as we are deep in the playoffs at the D2, D3 and FCS levels. It is a great opportunity to either answer some still lingering questions or to write a whole different chapter on what has already been an impressive collegiate career for them.

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College Football

QB Nolan Henderson

  • Year: Graduate student
  • College: Delaware
  • Height: 6-0
  • Weight: 195

Henderson is someone I've had my eye on since 2019. There's a lot of Zach Wilson in his game, in the sense that he's able to make a lot of off-script throws while also being able to create opportunities with his legs. Getting him outside the pocket and on the move just creates such a problem for opposing defenses. What impressed me most this season is how he's really started to flatline his play. There's much more consistency from a down-to-down basis, which shows tremendous growth and maturation within his game. Henderson also has a very live arm, showcasing the ability to drive the ball wherever he wants to go on the field. The two-time All-Colonial Athletic Association passer is completing 65% of his passes at 11.3 yards per attempt this season, to back up the above claim of him driving the ball at all quadrants of the field. Next game: Dec. 3 vs. South Dakota State

RB Nate Omayebu III

  • Year: Junior
  • College: Angelo State
  • Class: Redshirt Junior
  • Height: 5-10
  • Weight: 230

The two-time Lone Star Conference Offensive Back of the Year is a burly back who consistently is able to break through arm tackles. He's a well-built runner with excellent contact balance and the ability to work frontside to backside in the run game. For such a big back who is viewed primarily as a bruiser by opponents, he has underrated footwork and quickness. It is those two traits that afford him the opportunity to work across the formation and pick and slide his way through the line of scrimmage before attacking the second level. I like that he's got foundational back and situational back potential, meaning he's able to thrive with or without volume. He's not asked to do much in the passing game, but when he is thrown the football, you can see the comfort he has in that capacity. He reminds me a lot of Colts running back Zack Moss. Next game: Dec. 3 vs. Colorado Mines

DL Michael Nobile

  • Year: Senior
  • College: Delaware Valley
  • Height: 6-0
  • Weight: 245

Nobile has been a terror since arriving on campus. So far in his career, he's racked up 93.5 tackles for loss, 118 solo tackles, 49 sacks and nine forced fumbles. He's an undersized defensive end by traditional standards, and will project forward as a SAM backer with situational rush responsibilities. Because of his stature, he's a tough opponent for any offensive lineman. He uses that, along with his quickness and ability to get low to run the hoop to his advantage. When in pursuit, you can see he's very comfortable on his feet with solid change of direction skills and closing speed to the ball-carrier. Getting into a postseason all-star game once his season is over is going to be key for him, as it will allow scouts the opportunity to see him play as an LB. Nobile led the NCAA in tackles for loss in 2019 with 31, and is a three-time Middle Atlantic Conference Defensive Player of the Year. Next game: Dec. 3 vs. Mount Union