It's been a big week for the Texas Rangers. In the process of moving into a new era, they've found several ways to honor the history of the organization. After unveiling a new set of uniforms on Wednesday -- some of which are inspired by throwback looks -- the Rangers announced dimensional plans for their new stadium.

The dimensions of Globe Life Field, which will become the home of Rangers baseball next season, are all inspired by iconic players and elements from the team's history. The layout of the field is similar to Globe Life Park, where they played last season, but there's plenty of meaning behind the official distances chosen by the club.

Here's a rundown of the meaningful distances:

  • The foul pole down the line in left field is 329 feet from home plate for No. 29 Adrian Beltre
  • Left field then deepens to 334 feet deep for No. 34 Nolan Ryan
  • The left-center gap is 372 feet from the plate, to commemorate the franchise's first year in Texas (1972)
  • The deepest part of the park is 410 feet for No. 10 Michael Young
  • Dead center is 407 feet to honor No. 7 Ivan Rodriguez
  • The right-center gap is 374 feet away, which honors the 1974 Texas team that won 27 more games than the previous year
  • The foul pole down the line in right field is 326 feet from home to honor of former manager Johnny Oates, whose No. 26 is retired by the team.
  • Home plate is 42 from the backstop in honor of Jackie Robinson

You'll notice that Nolan Ryan is the only pitcher in that group, which seems rather fitting since Globe Life Field, like its predecessor, will undoubtedly be viewed as a hitter's park. 

In fact, it already is.

It seems that plenty of baseballs will be history at this ballpark inspired by history.