Beloved Boston Red Sox star Mookie Betts is headed to the West Coast. On Tuesday night, the deal many Boston fans feared was reportedly came to fruition. In a deal involving multiple other players (including David Price) and three teams, Betts was traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers

The 2018 MVP was one of the faces of Boston baseball. Red Sox fans were hoping for a world where Betts would not be interested in becoming a free agent and the team would not feel the need to draw up a trade. But their wishes that ownership would be willing to cough up the money needed to make him stay did not come true.

Now, Red Sox fans are facing the harsh reality that they will be without one of the most dominant players in the league next season. 

In an offseason of chaos, the drama only continues as Boston now mourns seeing Mookie in a Dodgers uniform. The team, which still does not have a manager and is coming off a very disappointing season, is now without their star. 

Everyone was talking about this deal on late Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. Here are the best tweets from players around the league and Red Sox fans:

Dodgers pitcher Walker Buehler could only laugh at the whole thing. 

Mookie's new teammate Cody Bellinger used an emoji to express his feelings about the trade. 

Boston's J.D. Martinez also used an emoji, but a much more depressing one. 

Former Red Sox third baseman and current CBS Sports baseball analyst Will Middlebrooks did not hold back his feelings. 

Jalen Ramsey, who headed to L.A. to play for the Rams in the middle of last NFL season, gave his endorsement for the city. 

The Los Angeles Kings, who are the kings of Twitter, had a kind offer for the newest Dodger. 

Boston University Hockey really went there...

Boston fans were less than thrilled, to put it lightly. 

Yes Dan, a lot of people do. 

A sweet 2020 Toyota Camry you say? Then forget it, it was worth it. 

Not ideal for Boston. 

It was sad enough as is, no need to add "My Heart Will Go On" in the background.

Where one fan base suffers, others rejoice. 

Mood in L.A.: