Jackson announced Monday via his personal Twitter account that he requested a trade from the Ravens on March 2.

Ravens head coach John Harbaugh said, "We love [Jackson]," in his press conference Monday at the NFL's annual meeting, when asked for a response to Jackson's trade announcement. However, after a lengthy contract dispute, the star quarterback has made it known that he prefers to move on from Baltimore. The Ravens placed the $32.4 million non-exclusive franchise tag on Jackson earlier this offseason, but he has yet to sign the tender. Other teams can negotiate a contract with Jackson due to the non-exclusive tag, which Baltimore could match or alternatively gain two first-round draft picks as compensation, but Jackson's now-public announcement of a trade request could motivate teams around the league to more heavily pursue direct dialogue with the Ravens instead. Additionally, Harbaugh said Monday that Jackson has now fully healed from the sprained PCL in his left knee that caused him to miss Baltimore's final six contests of the 2022 campaign, per Jonas Shaffer of TheBaltimoreBanner.com.

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