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We use Slack to communicate internally, and now we're going to use it to communicate with you guys. Every Wednesday, we're going to have our trio of Fantasy football experts — Jamey Eisenberg, Dave Richard and Heath Cummings — discuss (and maybe debate) their rankings. We're talking about running backs this week. 

chris.towers: Alright fellas, let's do this.

No Heath today, so you guys will just have to beat up on each other.

We'll start at the top with a few questions ... Did you give any real thought to anyone but Todd Gurley as the top RB?

jamey.eisenberg: Not at all. He was awe some last year, still has a great head coach, a good quarterback and solid offensive line. What he did as a receiver out of the backfield last year just enhanced his game. He's a no-brainer.

dave.richard: I actually began the year with Ezekiel Elliott as the top running back, then backed off when I saw the writing on the wall with the rest of the Cowboys offense and defense. I felt even better when I saw the Rams make big splashes on defense. The way I see it, the only elite-tier running back besides Elliott with as little wear-and-tear after last season is David Johnson. That's appealing to me.

chris.towers: Underrated thing with Le'Veon Bell is that workload, I think — 416 touches last year. I know you guys don't have a ton of concern about that, but I just want the record to note that one more time.

There is some disagreement about the exact order, but the top-10 for both of you as well as Heath is made up of the same players overall. One thing I do like, though: Dave, you are higher than anyone else on Leonard Fournette, ranking him sixth. What's the thought process there?

jamey.eisenberg: For those of you reading this, Dave is taking 15 minutes to answer, so this is going to be awesome.

chris.towers: Look, he's deliberate, okay?

jamey.eisenberg: I love it.

dave.richard: He's in an unreal situation. Fournette himself is in better shape after churning out 1,342 total yards and 10 touchdowns in 13 (not 16) regular-season games. The Jaguars added a stud right guard in Andrew Norwell to solidify their run attack. They might try to be a little more aggressive with the pass, but the identity of this team is clearly in its defense and run game. Ball control. Grind down opponents. That's why Fournette is there. I think his numbers have room to improve seeing as how he missed three games last year (one for a suspension) and averaged just 3.9 yards per run. It would not surprise me in the least if he led the NFL in carries after averaging 20.6 per game last year — and 23.3 in the postseason.

chris.towers: I do want to note one stat that I found that is just nuts: 15.9 percent of Fournette's total rushing yards last season came on just two carries. I don't know if that matters, but it's mindblowing.

Jamey, you've planted your flag on Jerick McKinnon Island, ranking him three spots higher than Heath and six higher than Dave in non-PPR scoring. Given that Carlos Hyde got 88 targets last season, passing volume shouldn't be a concern. But do you have any worry about Matt Breida — or even early camp star Joe Williams — overtaking him as the primary rushing downs back?

jamey.eisenberg: Joe Williams, "camp star." I think we've heard that story before. 

Could those guys be better than McKinnon? Sure, anything is possible — and Breida is one of my favorite sleepers based on his ADP. I believe in Kyle Shanahan as a playcaller, especially when it comes to his running backs, and McKinnon should get the majority of touches. I'm expecting a breakout season for him, and I have no problem drafting him in early Round 3.

chris.towers: Joe Mixon's ADP was 40th overall this time last year.

He went out and averaged 3.5 yards per carry, and put up rushing yard totals of 31, 37, 49, 114, 34, 12, 96 as a starter.

His ADP is 25 now.

Someone make sense of this for me.

jamey.eisenberg: Better offensive line for the Bengals. Cordy Glenn and Billy Price will make that unit dramatically better. No Jeremy Hill getting in the way. I expect Mixon to have a big year. His ADP is justified.

dave.richard: What I like about Mixon: Bigger role this year. The Bengals added the two offensive linemen Jamey mentioned and re-sculpted their run scheme for him. Giovani Bernard is the lone threat to his workload and Cincy's pass game should be much improved. I'm still not sure he should be considered as a top-12 Fantasy running back, but he should end up in the top-20 easy.

chris.towers: Are we sure he's not just ... bad? His rookie season looks like a lower-volume version of Trent Richardson's. Why not take Derrius Guice, who has just as much pedigree, and at least hasn't failed in the NFL yet?

dave.richard: I've been getting excited about Guice — I might eventually put him ahead of Mixon but he's not there yet. Mixon's experience and already settled role give him the nod. Plus Mixon should catch at least 20 more passes than Guice, Jones, or any of the rookie running backs except for Saquon Barkley

jamey.eisenberg: Chris, you sit too close to Heath, and his Giovani cologne is rubbing off on you. Mixon will be awesome this year. As for Guice, he also has plenty of potential, but he will finish behind Mixon this year.

chris.towers: Eau de Gio.

dave.richard: Heath wears cologne?

chris.towers: True or false: Alex Collins is the most obvious ADP value at RB right now, at No. 40 overall. He's behind Mixon, Kenyan Drake, Guice, Rashaad Penny, and Jay Ajayi!

dave.richard: TRUTH!

jamey.eisenberg: Absolutely. That's stealing. He should be behind Mixon, but that's it of the guys you mentioned.

dave.richard: I love Collins' situation in Baltimore. One of a handful of non-first-round running backs with a clear path to 300 touches, a very good offensive line and a good defense to boot.

Did you know he had almost 800 yards and all six of his touchdowns in the final nine games of last season with zero fumbles? He'll stay hot.

chris.towers: Which starting running back will lose his job first?

dave.richard: Rashaad Penny has already lost it ...

jamey.eisenberg: Could be Sony Michel if he starts in Week 1.

Carlos Hyde.

Marlon Mack if he starts.

Jamaal Williams by Week 3.

dave.richard: I think the Mack call is pretty good. I'll give you one more — Jay Ajayi.

chris.towers: Last season, Jonathan Stewart finished as the No. 33 RB, despite missing a game and averaging 3.4 yards per carry. C.J. Anderson is the 41st running back off the board on average right now.

Am I crazy if I would rather have Anderson in the 10th round than Christian McCaffrey in the second?

dave.richard: Nope, you're not crazy. The only thing I'd caution you on with Anderson is that even if he were the main running back in Carolina, he's not guaranteed to generate massive numbers. Cam Newton will steal plenty of short-yardage touchdowns. Working with McCaffrey will probably limit CJA to around 10 touches per week, most of them carries. He's good bench depth.

jamey.eisenberg: In a non-PPR league, it might work out better that way. McCaffrey not only trailed Stewart in carries last season, he also was 22 behind Cam Newton. McCaffrey will hopefully get the 200 carries Ron Rivera has talked about, but that's probably not realistic. And if Anderson stays healthy, he should score more rushing touchdowns, putting pressure on McCaffrey to be dominant in the passing game.

chris.towers: Alright, to close it out, give me three running backs you're itching to move up the ranks with a good training camp/preseason.

jamey.eisenberg: Mixon into the top 12, Guice into the top 15 and Kerryon Johnson into the top 24. The first two are obvious if they perform well. Once Johnson proves to be the best Lions running back, behind what should be a standout offensive line, I'll bump him up the few spots he needs to be ranked as a solid No. 2 running back.

dave.richard: Guice is certainly one of them. I would love to see Chris Carson continue as the Seahawks' main running back. And I'm particularly interested in what we see from Kerryon Johnson. I haven't been a fan of his but the Lions offensive line is beastly and Johnson, if he wound up in a big role, should use volume to his advantage.

chris.towers: Love to see some agreement.

dave.richard: Meh, not me.

jamey.eisenberg: Kerryon Dave, Kerryon.

dave.richard: I'll give one more — Breida in San Francisco. Is he a legit threat to McKinnon's presumed throne?

chris.towers: (I think he might be).

dave.richard: Hey wait — one more: Nick Chubb

Love the reports out of Cleveland about Chubb looking like an old-school power back.

chris.towers: Great. That's it for our running backs chat. We'll be back with wide receivers next week!

p.s. "Kerryon Our Wayward Son" is going to be the biggest team name for dads.

dave.richard: That's a brutal team name.

Receivers are going to be an interesting topic — a lot of flux in that entire position.