Whether you're a gamer looking for a way to turn your favorite hobby into a workout or a fitness enthusiast looking for a fun way to spice up your regular routine, PlayStation offers tons of games that get you moving and sweating.

While some games can be played with nothing more than your PS5 console, others require a Sony PlayStation VR2 headset and motion controllers to track your movements and create a more immersive workout experience. So gear up with the latest gaming tech from PlayStation and get ready for one of the most intense workouts you can get while gaming. We're about to share our favorite fitness games you can play on your PS5.

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One of the hottest tech gifts of the season, the latest gaming console from Sony boasts 4K graphics, a refresh rate of 120 Hz, lightning-fast load times and tons of PS5-exclusive games that gamers have been waiting for all year. The new console also comes with a fully upgraded audio engine capable of juggling hundreds of sound source to create immersive spatial audio.

The new slim model packs all that Sony PS5 goodness into a smaller, sleeker package.

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Take your fitness routine to the next level with the PlayStation VR2


Many of the best fitness games for the PS5 require the PlayStation VR2 headset and motion sense controllers. The latest VR headset from PlayStation, the VR2 features upgraded eye tracking and headset feedback along with OLED tech that delivers crisp 4K visuals.

With a GPU capable of up to 120 frames per second, the Sony headset offers blur-free movement and gameplay, while its built-in speakers offer immersive surround sound audio.

Amazon is offering a bundle with the new VR2 headset and two PlayStation VR2 Sense controllers for $549.

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You can also get the PlayStation VR2 headset bundled with the game "Horizon Call of the Mountain" for $50 more.

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3 best fitness games for the PS5

Turn your new PS5 or PSV2 into a fitness hub with these immersive, energizing games that get you off the couch.

Best non-VR fitness game for PS5: Just Dance, 2024 edition


If you don't have the PlayStation VR headset to go with your PS5, one of the best ways to get a workout is with the "Just Dance 2024" game. The popular game turns your smartphone into a motion controller that you hold while following the dance moves on your TV. You're rated based on how accurately you mimic each move, so it forces you to get active and really commit to the dance.

The 2024 edition features a new dance workout mode that includes high intensity routines for your favorite songs. It comes with over 40 new songs, including popular Disney hits as well as chart-toppers from a variety of genres ranging from rock and hip hop to Latin and K-Pop.

While it's a fun workout on its own, the multiplayer mode makes it even more fun by letting you dance with friends -- or challenge them to a dance competition.

New songs are added throughout the year to keep the game fresh and you can sign up for Just Dance+ to get access to over 300 songs and in-game events.

Get the game while it's on sale at Amazon for $48 (reduced from $60).

$48 at Amazon

A fun game that happens to be a workout: Until You Fall


Until You Fall is a hack-and-slash sword-fighting game set in a neon fantasy world filled with monsters and spirits. You play as the last surviving Rune Knight fighting off these creatures using a series of magical weapons.

Combat requires sword swinging, squatting and dodging attacks so you can work up a sweat pretty quickly, especially when you're fighting off a horde of enemies. Because you're immersed in a magical fantasy world, it doesn't feel like you're grinding through a typical workout routine.

With three difficulty modes to start, you can adjust the workout intensity by playing the game on different modes. The monsters become faster at attacking and harder to defeat as you up the difficulty level, so it will require quicker reflexes and more vigorous sword swinging to take them down.

Once you beat the final boss in one of those difficulty modes, you unlock the nightmare difficulty level for an even more intense workout.

$25 at PlayStation

Best PS5 game for a high intensity workout: Les Mills Body Combat VR


For one of the most intense workouts you can get in a video game, it's hard to beat Body Combat VR. The Les Mills game comes with an extensive portfolio of workouts, all inspired by the popular martial arts-inspired Body Combat workout.

In addition to thousands of premium workouts, the VR game comes with 50 different workout plans tailored to different skill levels and goals. Unlike a regular workout class, each of these martial arts workouts drop you immersive, dreamlike environments -- like futuristic cities, Martian deserts or the streets of ancient Rome.

$30 at PlayStation

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