It took a couple of games, but the first #Pac12AfterDark moment has arrived in 2020. The special, ceremonious moment came courtesy of Washington and Oregon State on the first punt of the evening when the Huskies long snapper overshot punter Race Porter. What ensued what pure chaos resulting in a Beavers touchdown. 

You can view the video of the botched snap and fruitless attempt to get the kick off below, and there's a lot to unpack. 

First, the ball goes sailing over Porter; the poor guy had no chance at it. Then, Porter desperately tries to get a kick off in an effort to mitigate the disaster that is unfolding in real time. That, too, goes poorly as the kick is blocked by Oregon State linebacker Hamilcar Rashed Jr. The ball is live for a few seconds as players from both sides attempt to scoop it up before Jaydon Grant returns it 11 yards for the score. 

Another thing: how about the effort from Oregon State return man Trevon Bradford? If you watch the replay, Bradford hauls it down the length of the field after the high snap and ends up setting one of the key blocks for Grant on the scoop and score. Bradford had to have run the better part of 100 yards.