When the Vikings traded a draft pick for Cardinals CB A.J. Jefferson on Sept. 1, they got more than a cornerback who adds veteran depth to the position; they got a player with inside information against the Vikings’ opponent this week.

Jefferson, who played with the Cardinals for the past two seasons, spent plenty of time on Monday this week going from one coach's office to the next to give them a scouting report on his former team.

“I got questions from all of the coaches,” Jefferson said. “They wanted to know about the defensive guys, they wanted to know what I think about the receivers out there, the special team coaches wanted to know what I think about their (special teams) players. I tried to give them my best scouting report, and then they can run with it.”

Jefferson said he spent about 45 minutes with the coaches on Monday and has been talking to his teammates since then to give them any kind of leg up he can. He's willing to help his new team to get back at his old team.

“Of course,” said Jefferson, when asked if there is a revenge factor. “No question. Anytime you get traded away, you definitely want to put it on the team you played with.”

The scouting report he was willing to share with the media was likely minimal in comparison.

On QB John Skelton vs. QB Kevin Kolb:

“Skelton is a bigger guy. He stands in the pocket tall. He can get the ball down field. They’re both good runners. We will have to contain. I think Skelton is a better downfield passer.”

On WR Larry Fitzgerald, Jr.:

“He’s a big body guy. You definitely have to get your hands on him and stop him from going downfield because he's a threat.”

Jefferson thought his information was helpful to the coaches, and he figured that he’d get more questions throughout the week. He enjoyed the opportunity.

“I feel involved, a little bit more,” he said. “They all wanted to talk to me, and I feel like part of the coaching staff now,” he added with a laugh.

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