Michigan State's basketball head coach Tom Izzo had a proud father moment on the court on Tuesday. During an exhibition against Division III opponent Albion College at the Breslin Center in East Lansing, Izzo got to see his son Steve Izzo score his first points in a Michigan State jersey.

The No. 1-ranked Spartans had a sizable 84-47 lead with under a minute to go in the second half when Steve Izzo went to the line for two free throws. The first one was a miss but after a few bounces the second one went in. The crowd cheered, as you'd expect, the bench went crazy, but it was his father who had the most memorable reaction to the shot. 

As the camera panned towards Tom Izzo, the broadcaster asked, "Am I seeing some tears here?" 

It's just a free throw, but to Tom Izzo and his son it was so much more than that. And while there weren't any obvious tears, Tom Izzo could not help but smile when that bucket fell. It was a heartwarming moment for a coach that very rarely shows emotion like that.

Steve Izzo is a freshman walk-on and there are no plans for him to see playing time against some of the tougher opponents once the regular season begins. But just a few weeks ago, his father called the opportunity to coach him "priceless," according to 247sports.com

"I don't plan on playing him against Kentucky. But having him around, learning how to be a good teammate, learning how to be a little more disciplined, learning the inner side of what his father went through for 18 years is absolutely priceless, priceless. ... But I am proud to have him want to be — after all he's seen me go through — wanting to be a part of it, and I'm going to make him as big a part of it as I can make him."

The Izzo's not only share a family bond, but now share a team bond as well.