NCAA Basketball: Houston at Baylor
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As this college basketball season has played out over the last few months, UConn -- the defending national champs and the No. 1 team in the AP poll for six weeks and counting -- has seemingly separated itself from the rest of the sport as the clear top team. Errr, let me reword that: UConn seemingly had separated itself from everyone else. Until Tuesday.

The mighty Huskies fell face first in fantastic fashion on the road at No. 15 Creighton, 78-54, their first loss in two months that served as a gentle reminder that just when we think we know something in this silly sport, often times we do not.

Now let's be clear: UConn still might be the best team in all the land. In fact, the Huskies would be my title pick if I were forced to choose one team today, and a resounding 24-point home win vs. Villanova on Saturday was reassuring. But the top of the sport is more than just a party of one. And this week -- when No. 1 UConn lost while No. 2 Houston and No. 3 Purdue went a combined 4-0 in impressive fashion -- was a necessary one to help shape and reset the tables with March approaching.

Yes, it might be UConn vs. the field still. But Purdue and Houston -- featured below in our weekly grades as A+ earners -- have bullied their way to be worthy of inclusion in that discussion as well. UConn has earned the respect to be taken seriously even after a humbling mid-week speed bump on the road, but it's long past time to put serious respect on Houston and Purdue's names.  

Let's get to the report card for the week. 

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